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With Joomla4iOS you have the ability to easily implement your existing Joomla infrastructure within your iOS Apps. The framework is free and you don’t need any other dependencies.

Since version 1.6 Joomla has an Update System that allows you to update installed extensions automatically. And since January 10th 2017 supporting this system is almost mandatory for each extension.

On May 4, 2017 we get a message from Joomla Vulnerable Extensions list (VEL) reporting the following security issue about Tag Meta Community 1.7.6:

Thursday, 25 August 2016 15:36

Another Tag Meta Community award

Just received this email and we are really proud that our work is still really appreciated.

Since version 3, jBackend  introduced support for push notifications for Android and iOS, providing all needed functions to manage multiple mobile apps, to register devices and to send scheduled push notifications. The following video shows how to use jBackend to create a new application, to call the push register service to register a device, and the schedule and trigger a push notification.

This post will show how it can be simple to create an hybrid mobile app using HTML, CCS and Javascript (i.e. a Phonegap app), and jBackend to access to Joomla content in JSON format and so to use Joomla as data source to feed the app. It's easy as 1,2,3.

jBackend Demo App

Without any doubt tophost ( is one of the most known and used domain name registrar and web hosting providers in Italy. The services offered are limited but reliable and cheapest enough to make a high ratio quality / price. In practice there are only two services:

  • topname (EUR 5.99 + VAT per year) to register and maintain a domain name. The service includes mail and 100Mb of web space to use for email or as FTP space;
  • topweb (EUR 9.99 + VAT per year) for web hosting. The service includes 10Gb of space to distribute at will between mail (up to 30 boxes), database space (up to 4 MySQL database) and web space;