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Wednesday, 15 January 2014 00:00


This feature allows to record all the referers for site visitors. A trace log with all referers is available, and this can be useful to identify traffic sources for the web site.

ReDJ referers

For any referer item in the list the following fields are available:

Visited URL Text Absolute URL visited by users (e.g. http://www.yoursite.com/trackme.html).
Referer URL Text Absolute URL of the referer site where the user comes from (e.g. http://www.myfriend.com/linktome.html).
Domain Text This field reports just the domain part for the referer site URL (e.g. www.myfriend.com).
Hits Integer Number of times the referer URL was detected for the visited URL in site’s visits.
Last Visit Datetime This field reports the timestamp for the last time which referer URL was detected for the visited URL in site’s visits. This is useful to check active referer URLs.

About the available buttons:

ReDJ referers buttons

Purge button will delete all entries.

Delete button will delete only selected entries.

Reset stats will just reset all statistics (hits and last visit).

Beware that this feature must be activated with a corresponding option in the plugin settings. See paragraph “ Plugin settings” for more details.

Published in ReDJ for Joomla 2.5