Installation procedure

ReDJ extension has just one package to download and install. The package includes a component and a plugin, and supports the installation with "upgrade" mode, so there’s no need any more to uninstall any previous version of ReDJ.

To install ReDJ, login to Joomla backend as administrator, and go to menu "Extensions manager". Click the browse button, select the package file ( or and click the installation button.

ReDJ Installation

That’s all. Now we are ready to start using ReDJ.

Upgrade procedure

When upgrading from a previous version of ReDJ, there is no need to first uninstall the old package. As mentioned earlier, ReDJ supports the "upgrade" mode for the installation, so it is enough to just install the new package over the old one, both component and plugin will be upgraded.

Note that during the upgrade also the database tables are upgraded when needed, but without to delete or loose any table data. It is in charge of the installation process to upgrade tables structure as needed. All the rules will be preserved.