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With this function it is possible to record all errors that the site receives. This provide a kind of trace log for error requests, and can be useful to identify dead backlinks that need to be redirected elsewhere. Analyzing requests it is also possible to extract other useful information (e.g. to detect if the site is subject to hacker attacks like remote file inclusion or sql injection).

ReDJ errors

For any error item recorded the following fields are available:

Visited URL Text Absolute wrong URL called by users (e.g. http://www.yoursite.com/an-old-page.html).
Error Code Integer The error code generated by Joomla for the page (usually 404 – Not Found).
Hits Integer Number of times the wrong URL was called by users.
Last Visit Datetime This field reports the timestamp for the last time which wrong url was called by an user. This is useful to check if the problem is solved by a redirection (in this case, the timestamp doesn't change anymore).
Last Referer Text This field reports the site referer for the last request of the wrong url. This is useful to identify which sites has dead backlinks to your pages.

About the available buttons:

ReDJ errors buttons

Purge button will delete all entries.

Delete button will delete only selected entries.

Reset stats will just reset all statistics (hits and last visit).

Beware that this feature must be activated with a corresponding option in the plugin settings. See paragraph “ Plugin settings” for more details.

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Monday, 11 November 2013 00:00

Pages 404

ReDJ allows to create a custom error page that can replace the Joomla standard one. To manage error pages go to menu "Components" -> "ReDJ" -> "Pages 404".

ReDJ Pages 404

There are always two predefined pages as default, with titles "Italiano" (ID = 1) and "English" (ID = 2). These are example pages, added just to show how to create HTML for a custom error page. Specifically, these pages are identical to Joomla standard error page, except they add the email address of site Administrator, showing how to use supported macros.

BEWARE: do NOT customize these pages, because these are deleted and recreated on each ReDJ upgrade, so any changes will be lost. It’s better to add a new page (ID > 2) and use this.

For any custom error page the following fields are available:

Title Text The title to identify the custom error page.
Language Name Text The language identifier for the custom error page.
Page Text Insert HTML code of the custom error page. The following macros can be used:
  • {siteurl} Site web address
  • {sitename} Web site name
  • {sitemail} Address used to send site mails
  • {fromname} Name used to send site mails
  • {errormessage} Description message of occurred error
  • {article ID} Include an article (intro and fulltext). Replace "ID" with content item ID to include
Hits Integer Number of times the custom error page were used (i.e. returned to site visitors).
Last visit Date Last time the custom error page were used.

Once a custom error page was created, it can be enabled in ReDJ system plugin. Select menu "Extensions" -> "Plug-in Manager" and open plugin "System - ReDJ Community" or "System - ReDJ Enterprise". Under "Basic Options" set "Custom page 404" to yes and select the page to use from the drop-down list. See paragraph "Plugin settings" for more details.

ReDJ Plugin Page 404

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