To manage API Keys used to grant access to end-points go to menu Components > jBackend > Keys. A list of jBackend Keys will be shown:

jBackend Keys

Each key has the following properties:

Field: Description:
Key The enabling key
User The user associated to this key (to restrict access with key and to a single user)
Enabled endpoints If this key is enable on ALL endpoints or ONLY on selected endpoints
Selected endpoints The endpoints for which the key is enabled, when not enabled for ALL
Enabled on default If the key should also work on the default requests (i.e. /index.php?option=com_jbackend&view=request&...)
Daily requests Maximum number of daily requests allowed for the key (0 means unlimited)
Expiration date Key expiration date (0000-00-00 00:00:00 means never expires)
Comment Just a reminder for the key

For each key the following statistics fields are available:

Field: Description:
Hits Number of times the key was used
Last visit Last time the key was used
Current day Current day for daily requests limit
Current hits Hits of current day for daily requests limit

The API key, when required by the endpoint, must be included in any request using one of the following methods:

  • Adding api_key=<KEY> to the query params (for GET requests);
  • Adding api_key=<KEY> to the payload (for POST requests);
  • Adding api_key: <KEY> to the JSON payload (for JSON POST requests);
  • Adding Authorization: api_key <KEY> to the headers (in any case).