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Links to tagged item pages showing parameters in urls

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1 year 5 months ago #6946 by Dolcevia
Hi there,

I want to put links in my articles, module or category descriptions to tagged item pages.

Such as a page about Swordfish and related tagged items on this subject. This is such a page.


I have however noticed that links to tagged item page in for example tag or category descriptions contain parameters and look like this, which isn't very pretty : :(

www.dolcevia.com/nl/zwaardvis?types [0]=1&types[1]=5&types[2]=9

I do not think any particular SEO plugin is doing this and I have not found the answer anywhere.

This (attachment) is what the link looks like in the menu manager so I do not think the SEO friendly links are working for these types of links.

I guess I could use this htaccess rule but I have 60 tags like this and of course it would be a lot of work plus filling up my already large htaccess file.

Would anyone else have a better solution??

# Remove extra bits from tag URL
RewriteRule ^nl/zwaardvis /nl/zwaardvis? [L,R=301]

Added is a screenshot of the menu item (it's in a hidden menu)

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1 year 4 months ago #6979 by admin
This support forum is only related to Tag Meta so I don't think you will get any suggestion about your problem.

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